Moe is an LA and Miami based film and commercial director.

From a very young age, he would spend a great deal of his spare time reading anything he could get his hands on, though he mostly enjoyed mystery, fantasy, and adventure comic books and novels. He was fascinated by good stories. 

As the years passed, his horizons expanded to television and movies: where stories became bursting with life. Seeing some of his favorite characters come to life sparked a long life passion, so upon graduating from the University of Florida in 2004 with Honors and holding a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts, Moe set out to pursue his dream in film-making.

With an eye for photography, Moe started with small projects and short films until he directed and produced "Never Winter" in 2009; a 30 minute Fantasy Drama that screened at over 40 film festivals worldwide, garnering much critical acclaim while getting nominations; as well as picking up, many awards for the young Director. Moe then founded Dcode Films and quickly began taking on commercial projects.

In time, his career as a Director would take him to over 30 countries and 50 cities around the world exposing him to many different cultures and environments. To date Moe has been involved in a significant number of projects for many global brands, most notably: TNT, Turner Broadcasting, Square Enix, Eidos, Ritz Carlton, Johnny Walker, Guinness, Audi, Epson, Royal Caribbean, Machinima, HTV and Bridger Conway.